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Mona Benyamin

& Yael Messer

For about three years now, we had several (failed) attempts to meet due to bad timing, geographical distance, and out of sync schedules, recently Corona Virus joined the list. In addition we had one big failed attempt of collaborating together due to the ongoing Israeli occupation of Palestine, and our reluctance to work in any frame that validates the colonial power relations between us.

Funnily enough, we found our loophole in the virtual world. In the past week we managed to meet 3 times on Zoom, and today we are presenting our first collaboration here, on the virtual platform of BIDUD. 

Together, and in spirit of the quarantine, we decided to exhibit Mona’s work in progress “Moonscape”; filmed and edited in her family home, which presents a new poetic geographical impossibility, intertwined with virtual and extraterrestrial bureaucracy.

Moonscape, Mona Benyamin, 2020


Untitled, Mona Benyamin, 2018

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