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Daniel Tsal


Between 2014 and 2019 I was working on the installation “The Party” that is currently showing in my solo exhibition “Party” at Tel Aviv Museum of Art, part of being awarded the Lauren and Mitchell presser Photography Award for a young Israeli artist (curator: Raz Samira). During those years I photographed dozens of young guys and girls dancing alone in the studio, while the installation shows a group of youngsters dancing together in a great party. Thus, what seems at first sight like a shared space with adjacent figures, was actually made of dozens of separate pictures of young people, assembled together using digital technology. The original pictures, the “raw materials” of the work, are actually an assemblage of the same pictures of youngsters shot dancing alone, in different times and in different places.

The models were dancing to very different kinds of music, in different rhythms, and were in different states of consciousness (intoxicated, highly stimulated, drowsy, or exceptionally uncomfortable due to external noises). As a result, qualities of detachment and fundamental lack of interaction seep subliminally into the primal, seemingly simple, realistic experience of a multiparticipant party. The long work process enabled me to photograph again years later some of the models, so in the final work interaction takes place not only between different characters, photographed in different times and places, but also between the same model and himself or herself, in different periods.


The Party

installation view, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, curator: Raz Samira 

Exhibition Virtual Tour

The exhibition's website

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